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My Diet

Here’s the story:

I’m intolerant to grains and allergic to many things like for example, corn.  Evil evil that corn is.  It took a few months of frustration and cleaning up messes for mom and dad to figure this out.  They knew I must be allergic to something as my eyes were watering and I scratched a lot!  My poop (I hope you not eating breakfast) was always diarrhea.  So this led to a change of kibble.  I was always eating a “higher end” kibble brand but after some research mom and dad changed my kibble to an “even higher” kibble brand with less allergens in it.  No more corn!  My eyes cleared up fast and I stopped scratching as much but my farts blew mom and dad into oblivion and I still had constant diarrhea.  So after trying the last kibble brand for the appropriate amount of time (and they still hadn’t clued into a grain intolerance) mom decided that  I would be fed only a home made chicken and rice mixture and we would add ingredients until they found out what was bothering my tummy.  Well the chicken and rice mixture was a disaster obviously and I was leaving messes all over the place for them when they got home.  Finally they figured out that rice is a grain and I had a grain intolerance!  Mom and dad changed my diet to the raw diet asap (aka BARF)  I’ve never felt better!

Here’s some benefits of feeding the raw diet to your dogs:

  • No more stinky farts
  • No more eye gunk and goop
  • Less shedding (moms not 100% sold on this but I am part HUSKY)
  • Soft and silky hair and healthy skin
  • Healthy teeth and not so stinky breath
  • No scratching
  • Healthy weight and a lean body
  • Very small #2′s
  • Longer life

There are a few sites that helped mom and dad when they were researching the raw diet.  They can be found here, here, and here.

So what do I eat?

I’ve eaten (and enjoyed): ground beef, steaks, ground chicken with bone, pork cheek, lamb chunks with bone, liver, kidney, heart, offal, tripe, mackerel, salmon, tuna, eggs with shell, sweet potato, pumpkin, apple, banana, yogurt, sour cream, and cheese.

I’ve eaten (and turned up my nose to): any turkey product, lamb racks unless dad cuts them up, and pork tongue unless dad cooks them.

Mom and dad try something different every now and then but I don’t like change so usually they stick to the enjoyed list.

What is that?

Tripe, offal?  Never heard of it.  Tripe (green tripe) is the stomach lining of cows usually and it contains the stomachs leftovers.  This is your dogs “vegetables”.  Offal is a mixture of organ and tripe.  There, now you know.

A balanced diet:

Ideally a balanced diet will include 10-15% organ meet, 15% tripe, and the rest raw meat with bone.  The addition of oils can be added easily to a meal.  Most people feed fish as one meal per week.  Its easy to figure out and this balance does not have to be a daily balance.  Think of it more as a weekly or even monthly balance.  Or each time you shop just make sure you buy that percentage of product.  You’ll know by your dogs poop too.  If it’s too soft your probably not feeding enough bone or too much organ.  If it’s really hard and white then your probably be feeding too much bone.

How much do I feed my dog?

There’s a nifty formula for that!

Daily diet in lbs= weight of dog X (2% to 3%)

For puppies feed them there expected adult weight.

My menu:

Here’s my breakfast recipe.  It includes ground chicken with bone, tripe, and fish.

Here’s my dinner recipe.  It includes ground beef, organ, eggs, heart, yogurt, and oil.

My snacks include dehydrated sweet potatoes, banana, and apple. (Mom will mix the banana and apple into my meals to entice me to eat sometimes.)

For all my tasty grain free recipes click here.