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Product Review: Newspaper Dog Toy

Posted by Dexter
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What: 11″,  Read all about it, crinkle newspaper dog toy with squeaker.

Where: Pet Value

Price: $9.99

Dexter’s Review: I love my newspaper!  I can crinkle it, squeak it, and it’s perfect for mom to throw.  It’s even durable enough for some light tug-of-war!  I should probably add it to my diggin’ list.

Mom’s Review: This paper toy was worth every penny.  I haven’t had to sew it yet, unlike these:

I’ve washed it about 4 times now in the washing machine and it looks as good as new.  The seams are all very tightly sewn and in the 3 months we’ve had it, Dexter has yet to tear it open.  You can even put a dog treat inside it to keep your dog busy for a bit.

Grade: 5/5


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