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It’s All Fun & Games, Until Someone Gets Hurt

Posted by Mom
Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We had an accident the other day.  Dex and Jack were rough housing in the backyard like they love to do these days when we let them in and saw this:

Dexter’s hair was ripped right out of his head!  Luckily there was no skin missing.  It was a pure bald spot.  It was leaking clear fluid from the roots being ripped out so we cleaned it up and Polysporin it.  (After I freaked out and Facetimed my mom to discuss if we should bring him to the vet of course)  Dexter didn’t act like anything had happened at all.  Weird because if you accidentally touch his toes while walking he acts as if you broke them all…but rip his hair out and it’s ok.

This is what it looks like a week later.  He’s been scratching a bit but it’s healing well and his hair is starting to grow back.

Good thing he’s got so much husky fur!  It’s almost hard to see from the front of him.

Jack likes to nibble with his front teeth on people and dogs.  He’s pretty gentle but when he was a pup he gave Dex a small bald spot from pulling Dexter’s cheek every time they played.  The only thing we can think of that happened was that Jack was nibbling Dex and Dex pulled away quickly while Jack was still holding on.  I can’t think of any other explanation.

So we’ve put a halt on rough housing until Dexter’s head heals.  It’s pretty tender and the last thing we need is a big shepherd tooth cutting it open.  The boys aren’t to happy with the outcome.

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Jack’s Skin Issues

Posted by Mom
Sunday, March 10, 2013

Poor Jack has been itching and chewing his skin for months now.  He’s been to the vet for his year old shots and Dr. Ron thought his scratching was food allergy related or environmental.

Jack ears have been slowly getting worse and worse.  The poor guy has dry skin all along the tips of his ears with hair loss making them look ragged and rough.

Jack also has bald spots on the back of his ears and under his armpits.  See his right ear?  It was hard to get the camera to pick it up.

Poor guy.  We have tried switching his kibble.  We have fed him Petcurean Now Fresh brand or Petcurean Go Fit and Free brand since he was a pup.  Both are grain-free kibbles and the only kibble that Dexter isn’t allergic or intolerant to so we fed it to Jack as well.  We switched Jack to Nutram Grain Free to try which our behaviorist recommended with no success.  We tried adding fish and omega supplements with no luck either.

So what comes next?  Well we had already dealt with Dexter’s allergies and intolerance by feeding him a raw diet.  We know raw is the best way to go and because of Jack’s current problem it’s now necessary to do a full switch to raw for both Dexter and Jack.  Dexter did great on raw but is such a picky eater we had better luck getting him to eat his kibble with tuna over it lately.  Since we moved here and are not close to our raw supplier anymore we just went with the kibble.  But now our raw supplier DELIVERS!  Which is great because until we move again April 1st, we only have room in our condo freezer for 2 weeks worth of food for Dexter and Jack.  When we move to our house, we will buy a small stand alone freezer and get a months supply then which will cut down on delivery fees.

So here is our delivery:

Jack had his first raw meal Saturday morning and he loved it!  Here is Jacks serious sit-and-stare-and-don’t-move-until-mom-says-so look.  Which means he really wants it!  You can also see the dry skin around his nose in this picture.

He ate it great.  We are doing an elimination diet which means we feed him one thing at a time for a week or two until we know that he isn’t allergic to that food and can eliminate it as a problem.

So if you are interested in learning more about raw then keep checking back in the next few weeks because we will have posts on:

  • Our game plan for Jack’s elimination diet
  • What we buy and what it costs
  • How we balance their diets
  • Benefits of individual ingredient posts

Let’s just say that Dexter enjoyed his pork cheeks this morning and Jack is not complaining with his new diet!


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Dog Food Reviews

Posted by Dexter
Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When mom was trying to figure out my allergies and digestive issues she used a few websites to try to figure out the best type of kibble for me.  Mom found Dog Food Advisor (actually dad found it and showed mom) to be the most helpful and we thought we’d share it with those of you who may not have heard about it.

Dog Food Advisor believes that “No dog food product can ever be magically better than the ingredients that were used to make it”.  We completely agree!

Dog Food Advisor ranks each brand and type of dog food in categories.  There are three categories: dry, wet, and raw rated with a star system.  Five star is the best, highest quality.  The review of each dog food is pretty thorough.  It lists all the ingredients and nutritional information and then discusses each.

This website also has updates on any dog food recalls and you can subscribe for email alerts!  So important!  Click here to get yourself signed up for future recalls.

So what was our journey?  When mom and dad picked me up I was eating Nutro Natural.  I had the itches, runny eyes, and diarrhea (bad).  Mom and dad then switched me to Blue Buffalo and my eye’s stopped watering (no corn) and I itched less, but my farts blew mom and dad into oblivion!  Mom and dad did more research and I was switched to a home-made raw diet or kibble meals of Petcurean Now Fresh or Petcurean Go.  Both kibbles are a high quality grain-free kibble and are made in CANADA!


Once mom had me on the raw diet I was instantly better.  You can check out our page here for raw facts.  I’m a super picky eater and turned my nose up to my raw food diet a lot so mom and dad now feed me Petcurean Now Fresh or Go!  I can eat either without any side effects.  Mom utilized the Dog Food Advisor website to find Petcurean and are so happy she did.

Have you researched your dogs food?  Does your dog have any food issues?

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My Vet Trip

Posted by Dexter
Monday, October 29, 2012

I had my annual vet visit this past Saturday!  We went to our new vet that we took Jack to for his neutering at the Downsview Vet Hospital.

I don’t think they were quite ready for how much I whined talked!  I just get super excited and then stressed out at new places!  Here is the one picture that mom got of me that wasn’t blurry:

See my tongue?  It only does that when I’m running or stressed!  My visit went great though!  I weighed in at 63 pounds like usual and I let dad pick me up and put me on the examination table.  Mom muzzled me though because I get snarly when prodded unless it is more like a massage, then I’m ok.  I love massages!  I got my 3 year rabies shot and mom is so happy that I didn’t have an allergic reaction to it like I do to everything else!  I also got micro-chipped.  Since I was a rescue I didn’t get micro-chipped during my neutering like Jack did.  Dr. Ron was so fast giving me my needles while mom gave me a big head hug.

I got to meet some of the team there too.  I may have jumped up to try to give some kisses.  Mom laughed because they had to fill out my paperwork because I was a new patient and I went from being a shepherd-cross to a shepherd-husky to a siberian husky!  The longer I stayed there the more the they realized that I am all husky!

Thanks Dr. Ron!  We will see you next year!

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Jack’s Hospital Visit

Posted by Mom
Friday, August 31, 2012

As most of you know if you follow our Facebook page and Jack’s photo project, we dropped Jack off last Friday to be neutered.  He did great!  We dropped him off at our new vet at 9am and picked him up at 4pm.  He was pretty dozy from the anesthesia but other then that, he was fine!

Notice his nice shave spot?

Dexter was a nice brother and gave Jack the sniff over, then left him alone to sleep.

We brought Jack to the Downsview Veterinary Hospital.  We were recommended this vet by one of Jack’s playmates here at the condo- Lola a 7 month German Shepherd.  Lola has been to the Downsview Vet since she was a puppy and had her spay appointment the same day as Jack so they kept each other company there until surgery time!  We also had Jack micro-chipped while he was there.

It was our first vet visit since we moved and we couldn’t be happier with our new vet.  I particularly liked Marion, the receptionist.  She was great with Jack and after meeting her, I was not concerned about leaving Jack.  She even called back on Monday to make sure Jack was doing ok.  I also liked that she went over the cost of everything before the appointment.  From my experience with other vets, unless I asked how much something cost then I wasn’t told until it was time to pay the bill!  If you are in the Toronto area and are looking for a fantastic place where they will love your dog, then I suggest checking them out.

We wanted to neuter Jack for a few reasons but mainly because we have no interest in breeding him when there are so many gorgeous dogs in shelters and because we didn’t want any behavior problems such as aggression at the dog parks.  Dexter was a rescue so even though we picked Dex up at 5 months old, he was neutered when we got him and we never had to think about it.  It will be Dexter’s turn to visit them in October for his check up and 3 year rabies shot.  I am sure we will have another great experience with them.

Jack hasn’t been licking his stitches at all and the hardest part about getting him neutered was keeping him from running around with his head cut off like he normally does so that he didn’t open his incision.  We didn’t need a cone at all.  We are looking forward to having a run with him in a few days!


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