A Blog by a Dog.

About Me


My name is Dexter.  Mom talked dad into getting me from a humane society.  I was a Nunavut stray who got picked up by the Quebec Humane Society and then saved by the Aurora Siber Rescue.  Dad wanted a dog with attitude and as soon as mom saw my face, she new I was the one.  We’ve had a lot of growing pains but I’m almost two three now and mom says I’m finally growing up.  I still like to shred the Kleenex into confetti if mom leaves the bathroom door open though!

This is Jack.  He’s my little brother!  Even though he’s got 20+ pounds on me, I’m still the boss.  We took a photo of Jack beside me every week to show how much he has grown.  You can check out Jack’s photo project here.

We started this blog because I was mom and dad’s first dog.  They went through some a lot of hardships with me like food aggression and realizing I was grain intolerant.  We didn’t find much help out there at the time and thought we would start our own blog to help other people in our position.  Plus, I’m a really funny husky and I have a lot to say!

Anyway, we’ve been through so much I thought it was about time I started my own blog.  We talk about pretty much everything here like dog parks, sanity saviors, training techniques, yummy recipes, behaviour problems and more.

We aren’t experts, just a normal family learning as we go and boy, have we had our fair share of learning!  We’ve tackled:

  • food aggression
  • possession aggression
  • allergies
  • grain intolerance
  • leash reactivity

And have learned some really great tips like The Leash Trick.

Mom is determined to have 2 well behaved dogs *snicker* so we will be enrolled in training classes soon as well.  Do they let huskies into those?  Mom will be so embarrassed if my whining and talking get us kicked out of class.  Stay tuned for the outcome!