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Jack- 25 Weeks

Posted by Dexter
Monday, April 30, 2012

Jack is now 25 weeks old! He’s our little-big dog and he sure is growing up! If you notice his new collar, it’s one of mine. He’s been pulling mom and dad to our courtyard whenever he sees a dog there to play with, mom’s not impressed. Jack’s really strong!  Jack has also slept through the night all last week!  No more midnight whiz sessions.  Mom’s quite happy and so am I.  I don’t like getting woken up!  Jack will have a couple posts this week for you so keep checking back!  Here is Jack’s 25 week old photo:

And here are the runner’s up:

This one we moved too fast and both realized (although Jack was a little later) and parked our butts so we would still get some cheese!

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Doggie Drinking Station

Posted by Dexter
Monday, April 30, 2012

We know we still owe you Jack’s 25 week old photo that we were suppose to post yesterday!  Keep checking back, we will post it soon!

We haven’t posted an awesome product post in awhile and we found an awesome doggie drinking fountain!  Check it out:

Pretty neat huh?  You can check it out here but if your in Canada just order it on ebay!  The Doggie Fountain easily attaches to a hose for fresh drinking water whenever your dog wants it!

Much better than a gross bowl with flies in it that gets too hot sitting in the sun!  What do you think?  We think its great and I bet Jack would love it!

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Battle of the Brothers

Posted by Dexter
Friday, April 27, 2012

As many of your know, I’ve always wanted a brother.  I like husky rough-housing and playing keep-away!  Now Jack’s big enough to play tug-of-war with me too!  I am so happy right now!  Here’s how it went.  Jack wanted my rope and stole it from me.  I went to get it back and this is what happened:

I was just getting warmed up but Jack started getting tired:

What a lazy bones!

Needless to say, I won this battle!


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Jack- 24 Weeks

Posted by Dexter
Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jack is 24 weeks this week! Man how time is flying! He’s almost (ALMOST) bigger than me! Jack had a great week this week. We went to the dog park twice and he’s been off-leash in our courtyard a few times. (I will never be allowed off leash at our courtyard. Huskies don’t exactly listen to ‘come’ when there are other things we want to do!)  He’s been on a few car trips now also and he is a fantastic car rider.  Maybe we will do a comparison car ride post for you soon on me and Jack.  That should make you laugh…and mom cry.  Anyways, here is Jack’s 24 week photo:

And here are the runners up!  This one shows how big Jack’s ears are getting:

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Earl Bales Off Leash Dog Park

Posted by Dexter
Saturday, April 21, 2012

If you’d like to recommend a dog park for Dog Park Saturdays’ post please email dexter@dextersdays.com with ‘Dog Park Saturdays’ in the subject line.  Please include the official dog park name, a few photos, where the dog park is located, and why you love the dog park.  If chosen I will contact you by email for more photos, info, etc.

The Earl Bales Off Leash Dog Park is located south off Sheppard Avenue West just east of Bathurst Street near Don River Boulevard in North York, Ontario.  Click here for directions through Google maps.  The park is brand spanking new!  It opened in November 2011.

This dog park is right near our new condo!  We went there yesterday and had a blast!  It is completely fenced in and right near the parking lot.  It has three double gated entries that lead into the fenced area.  We don’t know exactly how big it is but there where over 15 dogs there while we were there and there was still plenty of room to run.  I even found a husky to play with!  There are a lot of benches too for people to relax on and a few picnic tables.

The park is on a little hill so I don’t think it ever gets very muddy.  There isn’t much shade though so on hot summer days be sure to wear sunscreen and bring water for your dogs.

We loved it here and it was Jack’s first time at a real dog park!  He did great!  After he stopped following me around that is!  And of course mom and dad are reaping the benefits now.

Don’t forget that we have a giveaway going on that ends tonight!  Check it out at http://dextersdays.com/2012/04/doggie-giveaway-mr-chewy/

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