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Hand Fed

Posted by Dexter
Monday, October 31, 2011

I’ve mentioned on my growing pains page that mom fed me for a bit when they first brought me home because I had a problem guarding my food.  I’ll leave that story for another time but I didn’t really like mom feeding me by hand then.  Now….it’s kinda nice!

I hadn’t ate in a day and a half (again, more on that another time).  Mom was getting worried that I’d throw up from not eating any minute, so she convinced me to eat by feeding me by hand!  It was kinda nice.

Here I am sniffing it out first:

Then I give one piece a try:

It’s pretty good so I gobble the rest out of mom’s hand:

I ate the entire bowl of my grain free kibble this way!  Mom was relieved but not very impressed.  I believe I heard her say the words pathetic and unbelievable while she was cleaning the kibble mush from her hands.


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