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Bed Revival

Posted by Dexter
Thursday, September 29, 2011

My orthopedic that I love is looking a little worn out.  The tiny spots that I had gnawed at as a puppy are being enhanced by the washing machine.

The cording is starting to come out off one end too.  Mom was going to try to sew it back up but it’s the slippery material that doesn’t sew very easily.  Mom never really liked the green anyways.

So we started thinking.  The inside of the bed it still in perfect condition and it’s super comfy.  So mom started looking for dog duvet covers.  She found a bunch, but here are our favourites.  They all happen to be from Etsy which mom loves.

This first one mom loves.  It’s from BowWowBeds and is $40 for the x-large duvet cover.  Mom loves that it will fit my orthopedic bed size perfectly and that it goes on like a pillow cover.  So no extra seems or zippers that may rip or break.  Mom’s really liking the elephant colour.

This next dog duvet cover is from dcrow and it is $55.  I love the orange and mom loves the chevrons.  This bed also is made with no zippers!

This dog bed is pretty cool as well.  It’s from tashadevine and is $58 for a x-large cover.  This bed is made from super durable denim with the pillow sham fold design.  Pretty styling but a bit skinnier than my orthopedic.

Mom really likes this one from kissmymutt.  But it’s an entire bed, not just the cover, and looks a little girly for me.  Maybe that’s why mom loves it so much?  It does look comfy though!

What one is your favourite?  I like the orange chevron one, mom likes the first BowWowBed one, and dad likes the last one cause it’s big and fluffy (but in all fairness to dad, he was half asleep when mom asked him!)  Sneaky mom!  We’ll keep you updated on which one we decide one!


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A Dog’s Thoughts #11

Posted by Dexter
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Do you talk to your dog?

Posted by Dexter
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mom chats with me A LOT.  Here are some examples of what I typically hear:

“Dexter please, please hurry up and go to the bathroom.  It’s freezing out!  Dexter, go to the bathroom, Dex, come on, go to the bathroom!  You already sniffed that spot.  Dex just pee already.  Dexter, GO TO THE BATHROOM!”  (Then someone walks by and either laughs their head off at mom or looks at her like she’s a maniac.  She kinda is.)

“Hi snooks!  (short for snookums)  Did you have a good day?  I bet.  I wish I were you lazing around all day.  Yea.  Silly husky head.”  (This is my greeting as I twirl at her feet when she gets home from work.  Dad is usually rolling his eyes at mom)

“OK Dexter, I’m leaving.  Come say bye.  Be a good boy!  I love you!  DON’T BE BAD!”  (I guess she still hasn’t forgotten when I ate the chair)

“Dex, time to wake up.  Let’s go for your walk.  Deeeeeexteeeeeer.  Wakey wakey.  Come on Dex, I don’t have all day!”  ( I drag my self off the bed and stretch slowly to her)  “Jeez, at least you can go back to bed after!”

I like it when mom talks to me.  I normally talk back.  But sometimes I just stare at her.

Does anybody else talk to their dog?  Do you have nicknames for your dog?  Tell me your stories.  Or is mom just a weirdo?


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Dog Breed Crossword

Posted by Dexter
Monday, September 26, 2011

Answers will be posted tomorrow.  Enjoy!

Click here for the answers!  How did you do?


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Routine, Routine, Routine

Posted by Mom
Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dogs thrive on routine and they love very precise daily routines.  The first and easiest step in dog training is consistency.  Consistency is great because it shows your dog who is boss (you), starts a routine, and gives your dog the best possible chance to figure out exactly what you want from them.  Just make sure that it is exactly what you want before you start that routine!  You can’t blame anyone but yourself if you get your dog into a routine that later drives you crazy!

Here’s a few of Dexter’s routines:

  • The funniest routine that he got into without me even knowing it is when we take the trash out.  I take the trash out when it’s time to take Dexter on a walk.  The trash shoot is on the way using the route we always take to go for a walk.  We walk down the hall and I get Dexter to sit while I open the door and open the garbage shoot and chuck the garbage out.  Then we continue on.  A few days ago I had the garbage and Dexter was in front of me with a full leash length and when we got to the garbage shoot door he automatically sat and looked at me!  I was still four steps behind him but he knew that I had the garbage and we had to stop here before going on his walk!
  • As you may have read in a day in the life of Dexter, I can not get ready in the morning with out playing with Dexter in between.  If I’m in the bathroom, he’s in there with me.  Normally he starts with his rope toy but if I ignore him he goes and gets his ball because he knows that even if my hands are busy trying to do my hair, my feet are always available to kick the ball to him.
  • One of the important routines we got into right away when we got Dexter was siting at doors, stop signs, traffic lights, and before crossing roads.  This didn’t take him long to get.  Maybe a week.  I don’t even remember the last time I had to tell him to sit at certain doors.  He just automatically does it.  Sometimes I make him wait to enforce it and sometimes it’s just a two second butt touch to the ground.  It must be noted though that if it’s a new door that is not part of his routine he still needs to be told to sit.
  • He also knows that he is not allowed on furniture.  He is allowed up on the bed when we go to bed.  Check out this post.  But he will not get up until he is told.  Some people say to us that he probably does when we are at work and I can guarantee you he does not.  For one, he turns around about a million times before he lays down and I would notice the crater and the dog hair on our white duvet.  Same goes for the couch.  I’m a neat freak and this would be highly noticeable to me.  Plus he only likes being on the bed because that is where we are.
  • Sometimes the routines are funny the first few times, like when Dexter sticks his head out the sunroof.  But after a few times when he’s got the routine down, try and make him stop!  It’s not easy, so make sure the routine is exactly what you want!
  • We are early risers- 5:00am-6:00am on work days and 7:30am on weekends.  Dexter will stay sleeping if we are but as soon as that TV turns on he is bugging and bugging to start the day and go for his walk.  There is no 10 minutes of TV for me!
  • Dexter also knows when it’s Saturday.  We have a normal weekend morning- walk, breakfast, paper and coffee time for Aaron and I.  But at a certain time if we are taking too long Dexter turns into a little terror.  Whining, crying and pawing.  He knows that he gets a run with dad and then gets to go to Max, grandma and grandpa’s house.  He makes sure we don’t forget!

Does anyone have any stories about their dog getting into a routine?  Without you even knowing about it until the routine was set?


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