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Crazy Crates

Posted by Dexter
Wednesday, July 27, 2011

As mom promised in her post last Sunday on The Crate, here’s your post on amazingly crazy crates!  As functional as crates are they are typically ugly so here’s some inspiration.  A few of them you can DIY and a few of them cost a lot of moo-la.  It just depends on how much your guilt (or decor insanity in moms case) is worth!

First up!  Check out this Bowhaus Modern Dog Crate!  It’s super modern and super expensive, but isn’t it amazing?  Its perfect for the smaller dogs.  (Personally I think its perfect for Mojo!  Who’s Mojo?  Make sure to check out this Friday’s Furry Friends post!)  You can even order perfect fit beds.

This Pet Dog Crate is much more affordable!  It comes in size small or large and is lightweight so you can use it at home (cause it’s pretty cool looking) or it fits into the back of a van or SUV.

This one is moms design favorite!  It is so cool looking mom would happily leave it out in the middle of the living room (trust me- that’s saying a lot!)  The eiCrate will make anyone jealous!  Check out another photo here.

This Manchester Pet Crate comes in a few sizes and is made out of solid mahogany!  You can get a complementary engraved plaque showcasing your dogs name too.  It even has canvas roller shades!  Wowza!

Check this dog crate under the stairs out!  (Originally found here)  Oh my!  I mean what would you do with that space anyway?  You would have to figure out a way to get some air flow though.  Moms asking how would you clean it?  I think it’s still brilliant even if its not practical.

Anyone could DIY this one!  Check it out here.  Those dogs look a tinge too big to use it as a crate but what a great place to nap!

Both mom and I love this next one too!  How fantastic is this?  Check it out here.

And last but certainly not least!  My favorite pick!  Found here.  Picture this but built off of a house!  It would be fabulous to stay in a nice inside air conditioned house but then be able to run through a doggie door outside to you know… do your business.  Indoor and outdoor!  I wish I had this crate!

Do any of you guys have a cool crate?  If you do post them on my Facebook page, I’d love to see them!  Do you think that these crates are over-the-top?  Or is it about time those ugly crates had a makeover?

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