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Hi Everybody!

Posted by Dexter
Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My name is Dexter and you guessed it!  I am a dog with a blog!  I’ve had quite the interesting life so far and I thought I’d start a blog to share it with you.

My blog will talk about my diet, my growing pains, and my everyday life.  But it wont just be all about me!  There will be DIY dog stuff, recipes (grain free of coarse), quotes, amazing cool dog products, and much much more!  On Fridays I’ll be posting pictures of all the dogs out there called Friday’s Furry Friends and every Saturday I’ll be promoting a different dog park.  Comments are welcome and if you want to email your dog pictures or suggest a dog park please click here.  Every Sunday mom will be guest posting about tips and tricks that helped her and dad out and it’s called Sanity Saviors.

I hope you enjoy my blog and maybe learn a few things but most importantly I hope you laugh.  After all, what better insight about a dog could you get except directly from a dog!

So keep checking back!  Setting up a blog is harder than I thought!  For the next few weeks I’ll be designing and redesigning.  I’m so exhausted from the excitement, I think I’ll sneak off to the orthopedic early.  Night everybody!

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