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Meet Mr. Roomba

Posted by Dexter
Sunday, October 6, 2013

Yes it’s a boy and we discussed names.  Butler Geoffrey from Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Smithers from The Simpsons were the leading contenders but Roomba had already stuck.  We needed Roomba.  Remember when I mentioned him here?  Well it was time.

Here’s how the boys reacted (sorry for the low light and iphone video):

Jack was a big scaredy cat.  Dexter was Dexter.  Whenever Roomba got near Jack it looked like this:

Dexter is now used to him and knows that if he’s on his bed then Roomba won’t touch him.  Jack avoids whatever room Mr. Roomba is in.

We’ve only used Roomba once so we will let you know how he keeps up.

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Lancaster Dream Dog Park

Posted by Dexter
Saturday, August 24, 2013

If you’d like to recommend a dog park for Dog Park Saturdays’ post please email dexter@dextersdays.com with ‘Dog Park Saturdays’ in the subject line. Please include the official dog park name, a few photos, where the dog park is located, and why you love the dog park. If chosen I will contact you by email for more photos, info, etc.

The Lancaster Dream Dog Park is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and it was the 2012 winner of the Beneful Dream Dog Park contest!  Click here for directions through Google maps.  Beau, a german shorthair pointer, was the grand prize winner of this contest which included a $500 000 dog park makeover.  Remember when we posted the 2011 winner here and the 2010 winner here?

The 2012 park is as awesome as the previous years parks!  This park has a sprinkler pad which Jack thinks is the best part.

This park also has a really long fun running bridge, a tree that shoots out balls, a nice covered area with muskoka chairs, and lots of fun tunnels and agility equipment.

Check out this awesome video:

You can enter The Beneful Dream Dog Park contest for 2013 (open to US residents only) here.

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A Dog’s Thought #70

Posted by Dexter
Thursday, July 4, 2013

Two Home Updates

Posted by Dexter
Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mom has been busy making our house a home.  That of course includes places for us.  Here is our new food and water station:

At Christmas mom got a stand feeder made for us big dogs from Nana and Papa.  She just got around to spray painting it in a high gloss white when we moved here and now it’s all set up for us.  We like using it and Jack makes less of a mess with the water up high.  Mom says the blanket over the chaise is for her when she gets cold and not for wiping our mouths off but sometimes we “forget”.

Now that most of our walls are painted and all the wood trim is painted a nice white we think our feeder looks fantastic!

Mom thought the walls looked a bit bare so she hung up our pictures over our bowls.  Dad laughs whenever he walks by but mom loves it!  Jack loves it too.

And that is two updates to our new home that we wanted to share.  Do you have a raised feeder for your pup?

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R is for Rescue Tag

Posted by Dexter
Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We are starting a new category here at Dexter’s Days.  We post about products we <3 but now we are also going to feature awesome products in our Proceeds to Rescue category where a % of proceeds from these products go towards rescue groups!

Our very first product highlight is pretty awesome.  The R is for Rescue Tags from Fetch-A-Passion Tags are stylish and obviously very amazing because 100% of the funds from these tags are donated to Rescue.  Check out their Etsy Shop here and their Facebook page here and show your support with a “like”.

They have three R is for Rescue tag styles to choose from in six different metals (brass, bronze, antique copper, aluminum, copper, and antique bronze):

Mom’s buying this one for me in aluminum with the paw print!  This style is 5/8″ in size and they cost $4.31 each:

This next style is 1/2″ in size and are stamped with an R for Rescue and they cost $2.16 each:

The last style is like the previous tag but comes in a hammered edge finish:

We love them and think that they are a great way to show off your very own rescue dog!

They have tons of really neat id tags at their shop as well too choose from!  We love their “The Golden Birch” tag and their “Gentlemen Men’s Tie” tag.

Mom says we also need a “Mom’s on Vacation- Call Grandma” tag to add-on when they go away so maybe one of these tags can be custom made for us!

Why not pop on by their shop and treat your pup to a new id tag and add on an R is for Rescue tag of their own?!

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A Dog’s Thought #69

Posted by Dexter
Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello Mr. Snail

Posted by Dexter
Monday, June 10, 2013

Mom says I’m a big goof.  Not a Jack goof ball but a different goof.  She says that I don’t act like a dog at all and she laughs at me whenever I do one of my weird goofy things.  We took this video a few weeks ago but mom still laughs over it.  I was just checking out what that weird sticky thing was.  Mom says it was a snail.


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